Liberal Arts Foundation is an educational program for applicants who want to prepare for bachelor's degree studies following the Liberal Arts and Sciences model in Montenegro.

The LAS educational model is based on actively involving the student in:
  • Formulating their educational trajectory in bachelor's degree programs.
  • Choosing their educational strategy with the guidance of a tutor.
  • Learning through dialogue, based on modern interactive techniques.
We offer Foundation Liberal Arts participants two sets of courses: mandatory and elective.
Mandatory courses will help you learn more about Montenegro, its culture and language, adapt to daily life, improve your English language skills, and prepare for the FLAS entrance exam.

Elective courses will help you explore different disciplinary contexts to shape your educational trajectory in subsequent levels of education successfully. The list of elective courses may be expanded based on participants' requests and organizers' possibilities.

The group opens with a minimum of 5 participants.

The instruction is available online and offline (Budva, Montenegro).
The offline course starts on March, 18.
The online course starts on April, 1.

Mandatory courses, basic rate (1000 euros):
  • Modern Balkans: Everyday Culture - 2 hrs/week
  • English language - 4 hrs/week - based on proficiency levels
Elective courses (up to two, each lasting 2 hours per week) — extended rate (1500 euros):
  • Basics of Media Literacy
  • Myth - Tale - Joke: Fundamentals of Folklore
  • Creative Writing
  • 10 Points to Gryffindor: Political Sociology of the Magical World
  • Family and Money: Introduction to Socioeconomics of Households
Payment is made in euros to the account of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Montenegro).
To enroll, contact us via email:
Decision on registration 31-01-02041-9 from 30.11.2022
Decision on accreditation 02-607/24-28/5 from 23.02.2024
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